Coaching: Developing and shaping People.

Companies realize that their leaders and talents can add more value in a progressive and sustained way by adding “the ability to coach and develop others”.

Now, unfortunately some companies tend to rush such vital approach by looking for some “easy go and implement” solution through web, self-coaching in the hope that, when their employees have all tick-in-the-box done they will be able to achieve a development step and even be able to coach others. This is nothing else than a misperception of what is coaching!

The only way to achieve an effective coaching is:

  1. The employees itself understands the need to be coached through coaching sessions with a Coach, pondering on the Coach’s observations and employee self-reflection.
  2. They’re provided with a method to assess and accept their gaps, set a future state goal and work in a plan to achieve these goals
  3. Employees coaching are supported trough periodical coaching and reflection sessions with their peers.

Most Managers spent less than 10% of their time coaching others but more than 90% telling how, doing exactly the opposite of coaching by preventing their people to use their intellect. Coaching is about helping another person develop in a way that allows him/her keep growing afterward. It is based on asking rather than telling!

Aim for seeding the organization with a pool of talents who can be role models, supporters and sustainers of a coaching mindset. And please, be patient give time to your “seeds” to grow and you’ll be much close to achieve the next cultural change step.

Congratulations to Zehn Li from DSM DICI Team and Bryan Zhao from Kunshan for their Lean Champion Black Level certification. I had the pleasure to coach Zhen and Bryan for the last 3 years and accompanied them during the last year though their Lean Champion development journey. It’s a start not the end.


Ivo Lopes
Senior Partner / Lean Sensei & Six Sigma Master Black Belt
S Plus Consult

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