jan van der oever - senior consultant

Jan van den Oever

Senior Consultant

Jan is Lean Transformation Senior Consultant at S Plus Consult and joined in 2012.

As lead sensei and coach Jan has supported and guided change in multiple businesses throughout the whole value chain. In the last 19 years he has gained an extensive amount of CI experiences in his roles of: Lean Transformation Journey Leader, Plant Manager, Production Manager, Customer Service / Logistics Manager, CI Coach, Lean Expert, Lean Champion & Sensei. Jan has always high intrinsic motivation and drive. In his assignments he is driving results and always looking for solutions instead of focusing on problems. With his pragmatism and inspiring style he is engaging and motivating people into improvement and leading them to accomplish challenging targets.

Value Stream Guidance in:

Manufacturing, Construction, Customer Service, Maintenance, Engineering, Aluminium Operations and Supply Chain

Jan has developed and guided organizations from initial lean exposure to fully self-sustaining levels. He has coached, developed and trained 50+ leaders, 30+ experts and 300+ members.

Career Progressions:

  • Lean Transformation Senior Consultant
  • DSM Resins and Functional Materials (Waalwijk, Pingtung, Kunshan, Hoek van Holland, Schoonebeek), Synres Hoek van Holland, DSM Food Specialties Delft. (4y)
  • Management Team, Willems Boven-Leeuwen (4y)
  • Plant Manager, Aluminium & Chemie BV, Rotterdam (3y)
  • Customer Service / Logistics Manager, Aluminium & Chemie BV, Rotterdam (2y)
  • Customer Service Manager, Aluminium & Chemie BV, Rotterdam (1y)
  • Production Manager, Alcoa Extrusions, Roermond (3y)

Some of the RESULTS and ACHIEVEMENTS Jan has delivered as ….

Lean Transformation Senior Consultant

  • increasing site profitability by 30%
  • reduction of lead time from 9 days to 2 days
  • doubling production line output
  • benefit creation of 1.5 mln by operational efficiency improvements

Plant Manager/Production Manager

  • Downsized the five production shifts from 42 fte’s to 37 fte’s each (-15%) in 2005
  • Plant record production of 506.485 ton calcined anodes in 2004 (+20%)
  • Operational cost reduction of 4 million € in 2005
  • Annual budget responsibility of approx. 12 million €
  • By implementing planned maintenance in the “bottleneck” department, the uptime of the production facility is increased to 93,6% of the available time
  • Production yield increase by 5%

Customer Service/Logistic Manager:

  • raw materials inventory reduction by 40% (from 21 days to 14 days)

Jan graduated in Mechanical Engineering (Werktuigbouwkunde) from the Institute of Technology ´s-Hertogenbosch and in General Management, Nijenrode Business University. His formal Lean and Six Sigma education started at Alcoa in 1997. From 2012 he was coached by several senior lean transformation Senseis (CI-teacher/- coach) on his way of becoming a Lean(CI-) teacher.

Area of Business: Stainless steel & Aluminium construction, Anode Industries, Process Industry, Food Specialties, Aluminium Industry, Chemical Industry, Assembly and Metal machining.

Countries: Netherlands, Taiwan, China, Belgium, USA.

Jan is living in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch and English fluently, his German is at average level.