christian gruender - Coach

Christian Gruender

Lean Consultant & Finance Lead

Christian is employed at S Plus Consult and joined in 2011.

He shaped our internal processes according our operational growth and needs. Not only as a Lead of Finance, but in multiple disciplines such as training, project execution and public relations.

As a coach Christian has supported change across multi-site operations. 

In the last 5 years Christian has gained an extensive amount of C.I. experiences in his role of: CI-teacher and CI-system architect, Lean Champion Black, Lean Team Leader.

Christian has developed and guided organizations in multiple industries and levels. He has coached, developed leaders, LCT members and 80+ staff members.

Mayor Experiences:

  • Military Service, Pioneer Parachute Regiment Wildeshausen (2y)
  • Studying Science of Economics, University Bremen (4y)
  • Logistics Manager, Kraft Foods Bremen (2y)
  • Civil Engineer BsC, Bremen (4y)
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Siemens München (1y)
  • Lean Expert
  • Lean Champion Black

Some of the business results of Christian are:

  • Reduction from changeover time by 80 %
  • Scrap reduction by 92 %
  • Improving the production capacity by 40 % without major investments
  • Co creation of S Plus training content and material White Level, Lean YB & Green Level

Area of Business: Food Industry, Chemical Industry, Pharma Industry, Consultancy, Training & Qualification.

Countries: Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands.

Christian lives in Germany and speaks German & English.