jakob smit - partner

Jakob Smit


Jakob is Partner at S Plus Consult and joined in 2011.

As lead sensei and coach Jakob has supported change across multi-site global operations. The complexity and scale ranges from Value Stream to Business Group Transformations.
In the last 15 years Jakob has gained an extensive amount of C.I. experiences in his role of: Operations Manager, Leadership Coach, C.I.teacher, Lean Expert, Lean Champion & Sensei. 
Value Streams: Manufacturing, HR & People development, Supply Chain, Finance, Sales & Project management.

Jakob has developed and guided organizations from initial lean exposure to fully self-sustaining levels. He has coached, developed and trained 75+ leaders, 50+ experts and 500+ members.

Mayor Experiences:

  • Sensei, Simpler (4y)
  • Operations Manager, MAAX SaniNova (5y)
  • Manager Running Business, KeyTec (2y)
  • Operations Manager, Rosti (2y)

Some of the business results of Jakob are:

  • increasing the plant efficiency with 185%
  • reduction of the work floor surface of 40%
  • reduction of the production lead time from 6 to 2 weeks
  • reduction of Work in Progress of 50%
  • a cost reduction of the operations costs of 10%

Jakob graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Twente, Holland. His formal lean education has been from 2002 until 2010.

Until 2007 he was coached by his sensei.

Area of Business: Injection Moulding, Process Industry, Food Specialties, Pharmaceutical, Aluminium Industry, Health Care, Sanitary Industry, Steel Casting, Chemical Industry, Assembly and Metal machining.

Countries: Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, USA.

Jakob lives in the Netherlands and speaks German, English & Dutch.