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Lean Basics Yellow Level Training

S Plus Consult proudly announces one more successful; Lean Basics Yellow Level Training.


Coaching: Developing and shaping People.

Business coaching has become more and more fundamental in our days.


Lean Practitioner Yellow Level Training & Certification

You learn to apply Lean basic techniques in a practical manner to deliver meaningful sustainable results as of tomorrow. The nature of the training is using the current knowledge and skills of the participants and build on that.


Live on the field

Gemba Walk

Live in a sight seeing tour in a new factory from our new customer. Our CEO :) in flattering outfit.


Cultural Challenges rolling out Lean in China

In order to succeed deploying Lean in China, you must understand that it cannot be rolled out in the same way as in Europe the US or in which may have worked well in your own country, and just apply it in Chinese companies.


standard work

What is the most powerful lean tool?

Sometimes I get the question which lean tool I think is the most powerful.