Lean Practitioner Yellow Level Training & Certification

This 4 day course will be happening at a manufacturing site in the middle of NL which is more than 5 years on it´s Lean Transformation Journey.

The training will be held in the “Obeya”(japanese word for Big Room/”War Room”/) of Synres, Hoek van Holland. The inspiring atmosphere, the course itself and the opportunity to see and feel Lean in practice will make it a unique course.

You will be around where teams are practicing daily improvement and are using fundamental Lean techniques (E.g. lean flow cell´s, pull systems, flow and visual management).

next dates for upcoming courses are:

  • Sept 4th – Sept 7th 2017, location Hoek van Holland, NL

For more details (agenda & content) download our flyer.

Want to sign in or you need more information please contact us directly

Email: christian.gruender@splus-consult.com

Phone: +49 5021 860 20 50

Mobile: + 49 172 795 80 47

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