Lean Business Simulation - "The Robo-Flow Company"

Our Lean Business Simulation – “The Robo-Flow Company” is coming up on Sep 16th 2020 – in Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands


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Experience a Lean business improvement simulation.

Learn how to unleash your organization’s potential that will outrace competition!

Fast developing economies, drastical changing market circumstances, increasing customer expectations and now Covid-19 impacts on-top - this is more than ever providing tremendous leadership challenges and urgent needs to significantly improve businesses and way of working.

The Lean Transformation approach has proven many times to be a great answer to master these types of challenges.

By joining our "Robo-Flow Company" simulation event you will get practical advice and ideas how Lean can be your solution too!


What makes this event unique?

• … to learn about the DNA of Lean
• … simulate the Lean Transformation from a typical current state to a Lean future state
• … experience yourself how Flow will radically take waste out of your business
• … see how taking out this waste is driving profit & business performance
• … practice „Learn-Do-Reflect-Cycles“ and understand the power of coaching
• … get an ideas how the S Plus Way® is forming an agile work culture through employee engagement
• … tap on decades of Lean deployment experience and learn from Lean “Senseis”
• … network during and after the simulation: learn from others and enrich the day with your insights


Why joining this event now?

The ability and competence to lead change and to transform cultures, structures and processes into a continuous improvement environment is more and more becoming a vital and dominant discriminator for business excellence and best in class performances.

This is exactly the field in which the Lean Transformation approach is providing the solution. This approach has proven to achieve substantial and sustainable breakthrough improvements year over year.

Whilst running our "Robo-Flow Simulation" in a hands-on manner you will be able to experience essential elements and components of such Lean System - culture development.

Leaders “do’s” and “don’ts” will be carried out and discussed as well as decades of Lean deployment leadership and Continuous Improvement know how will be shared.


Business Improvement Simulation at the virtual “Robo-Flow Company”.

You will ”LIVE” simulate the Lean transformation from a typical current state to a Lean future state. Taking out waste will become visible in the dimensions of people, quality, timeliness and financials. Group dynamics will become much more agile and improve the work culture. The simulation will be guided by +20yrs experienced S Plus Coaches in practicing, guiding, leading.

It will be a combination of theory and immediate practicing.

The Simulation will take you through the following main phases …

1. Together align and understand Lean essence
2. Introduction into the "Robo-Flow Company" simulation session
3. Simulate a typical non-Lean (PUSH) manufacturing supply chain and record company performance
4. Simulate the manufacturing process as Lean flow (PULL) set up and record the different company performance
5. Compare and learn from both simulations the differences in…
     + … company performance (People, Quality, Timeliness, Finance, Growth)
     + … systems, methodologies and processes
     + … people behaviour and engagement
6. Share and discuss observations, insights and derive key learnings
7. Use the opportunity to link the learnings to your business


What´s in it for YOU?

- Gain deep insights about the real power of Lean and how you can make use of it
- Develop new idea´s how to lead, motivate and inspire your organizations people
- Learn how to avoid Lean implementation failures
- Take away direct, practical quick win´s to reduce daily fire fighting
- Come away with solutions for your problems/struggles
- Make direct contact to Lean “Senseis” – those who travelled the path multiple times before
- Learn how to unlock your organizations potential


Event Schedule - Wednesday 16.09.2020

09:00 – 12:00

• Introduction & Welcome
• Lean Fundamentals and essential building blocks
• The S Plus Way® to transform into a Lean Organization
• Robo-Flow Company 1 – Current State / Push System
• Including Breaks

12:00 – 13:00

• Lunch

13:00 – 16:30

• Robo-Flow Company 2 – Future State / Pull System
• Comparisons (results, culture, system) and learnings
• Discuss adaptions to real-life scenarios
• Including Breaks

16:30 – 17:30

• network with the participants and Coaches after the simulation in a pleasant, non-formal atmosphere


Dress Code for the sessions:

  • Business Casual




3151 HR Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands



Event fee € 229,00 including lunch, food and beverages for breaks during the event


→ Join our event:

To sign up, simply write an email until 15th of August 2020 to: jakob.smit@splus-consult.com with the subject line   "I want to attend the "Robo-Flow Company."

You will receive your confirmation soonest.

For any questions regarding the event feel free sending an email to jakob.smit@splus-consult.com



You will be guided by:

Jakob Smit                 Senior Partner of S Plus Consult, +20yrs Lean(CI) Coach, held several senior leadership positions

Karsten Stemmer        Senior Partner of S Plus Consult, +20yrs Lean(CI) Coach, held several senior Lean leadership positions

Christian Gründer        Lead for Event Coordination/Management, +10yrs with S Plus Consult



Christian Gründer
Lead for Event Coordination/Management
S Plus Consult

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